Why Buy From Feeding Francis?

We are a family owned company right here in the USA.

FeedingFrancis Gourmet Salts & Sugars are derived from all-natural ingredients – free from any byproducts or fillers. 0 fake flavoring, no leaf product, corn syrup or other un-natural fillers.

Our fruits are naturally dehydrated, and our alcohol named Salts are made from condensed wines and liquors (all alcohol has been cooked out).

Therefore, FeedingFrancis products stand out from other Salts and Sugars!

"I am so blown away with all the products I have gotten from Feeding Francis. The Salts and Sugars are fantastic! Shipping was crazy fast, the packaging was great and the flavors are amazing! My order even came  with a personal note from the owner thanking me for my purchase. I would highly recommend Feeding Francis to anyone and everyone!!!"

Michael Thomas, Colorado Springs, CO

Your product is AMAZING! It's rare to find a sea salt that you can use as a finisher and can also use to preseason prior to cooking. I was amazed how it seasoned chicken and fish. It also didn't take much to do it. With others salts you have to use much more. VERY IMPRESSED!

Kelly's Market

You’ll be excited as soon as you add the Truffle to your cart. As soon as I received my salts, this was the first container I opened of the 3. The smell hits you as soon as you unscrew the top. The flavor profile is amazing. Very excited to start using these salts in place of regular salt immediately.

Jacob, MD

I used lemon cayenne on Salmon because the citrus flavor pairs well with fish and I happen to like a hint of heat. I also paired it with broccoli and both turned out incredible! The right amount of cayenne is in here even for folks not interested in heat. If you like a pop of citrus aroma when opening the bag, and enjoy lemon on fish you need this. Personally I always season with a slight heat to bring food to life. I haven't had a salt like this one, but I won't ever cook vegetables or salmon without it!

Kevin - Dayton, OH

"The bourbon flavor made our filets ridiculously flavorful and the Chianti add an awesome flavor to our chicken and veggies. Awesome customer service, will definitely be purchasing again!"

Katie - Nashville, TN

"I tried Feeding Francis' chianti salt spice and absolutely loved it.  I made grilled salmon and asparagus and used it on both!   Unlike some salts which can overwhelm the flavor of the food, the hint of chianti was perfect on both the fish and vegetables."

Pam - Denver, CO

"These salts add such dynamic flavor to your food. They're a game changer for any meal."

Erica - Washington DC

"I love this salt! I felt like it took my meals from bland to gourmet!"

Sharla - Golden, CO

Have a little fun with your salts & sugars

Citrus Zest Sea Salt Margarita Rim

Whether it's a sugar or salt rim. A Margarita is missing flavor without one. Here is the Citrus Zest Sea Salt Rim. Perfect for those warm days.

Tequila Lime Sea Salt Tacos

Tequila Lime Sea Salt on fish, chicken or rim your favorite margarita.

Watermelon Margarita with a Pineapple Sugar Rim

Blended Watermelon chunks with your favorite tequila. Then add your Pineapple Sugar rim and you have the perfect summer drink.